MARZ ENGINEERS & BUILDERS LTD. is a prestigious real estate & properties company in Bangladesh. It was launched in 2001 initially, as a land purchaser, developer and Apartment builder and moved in later in the same year in to the other areas. MARZ ENGINEERS & BUILDERS LTD. is a glorious member of REHAB.In globalization, world becomes smaller day by day. In the same way our urban land & secured shelter becomes smaller against our over population & fixed lands. Around 500 years old Dhaka city expanding gradually day by day. Everyday new people are coming from rural area in Dhaka City for education, Job, business, treatment etc for batter aspect. From a statistics we found that, within the middle of 21st century our population of Dhaka City will exceed 15 million. So to ensure social welfare & sober society for exceeding people, its need first secured land or residence than social infrastructure, employment etc which is the basic needs of human. For those civilized people we are playing a vital role to give a secured land or home.